July 2018  
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The Story of the Bible
  1. Creation
    1. Genesis 1:1 - God is the Creator of all things

i.Common theme in human history; God’s people and the land He provides them

1.Forms the Land

2.Places his People


                        b. Genesis 1:26-28 - God made people to be his image-bearers

i.Multiplying – All people to bear and spread His glory

ii.Ruling – The people are given freedom and responsibility to rule God’s possessions.

iii.Cultivating – Care for God’s creation

iv.Obeying – Do not eat of the ONE tree.


                         c. Dwelling and Glorifying


        2.  The Fall

                      a. Questioning

i. God’s Word – Satan challenges the accuracy of God’s word.

ii. God’s Love – Satan challenges the purity of God’s love.


                      b. Blame-shifting – Adam blames the woman. The woman blames the serpent. The serpent just grins.

                      c. Punishments

i. Serpent

1. The Seed that would become humanity’s champion is coming.

a.This is another common theme in the Old Testament. Man is looking for his hero (the Seed)

2. The final result would be Satan’s demise.

ii. Woman

1. The curse affects all of God’s purpose for her.

a. As a mother (greatly increased pain in fulfilling God’s plan of multiplication)

b. As a help meet (desire to overthrow her husband)

iii. Man

1. The curse affects all of God’s purpose for him.

a. His labor of cultivating would become toilsome to the point of frustration and exhaustion, then death

       3. Redemption

                    a. The scope of the fall determines the scope of salvation.

                    b. Gen. 3:16, 18-24 – signs of hope


                     c. Abrahamic Covenant – God’s design to reverse the curse

                                            i. He would restore them to a land.

1. A fertile land “flowing with milk and honey” – Cultivate

2. Kings will come from you. – Ruling

3. Descendants will be as the sand of the sea shore – Multiply

4. Circumcision – A law to obey


                     d. Israel




                     e. Jesus restores the purpose of God in creation.

i. Obeys

ii. Rules

iii. Cultivates

iv. Multiplies

       4. New Creation

                     a. Multiplied – Jesus is the “first born” of many brethren.


                      b. Ruling – Jesus rules and His people rule with Him.


                      c. Cultivating – Jesus restores, heals, raises the dead and commands the creation (time, space, water, food)


                      d. Obeying – Jesus obeys the command of God.


                      e. Dwelling and Glorifying – Revelation 21-22