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December 3, 2013, 4:07 PM

Seeking the Right Perspective

At Aydelotte on Sunday mornings we have been seeking the perspective that allows us to see the mighty hand of God, His sovereignty, His faithfulness, His power, His mercy, His generosity. We observed how King David sought God daily and learned to trust Him from boyhood. The days he spent in the outdoors with the his father’s sheep were days in which he marveled at God’s creation, realized God’s tender care, and learned that all strength comes from the Lord. Growing up in a faithful Israelite home provided him with a heart full of stories of the exploits of God and His people. As a result of this history David was well prepared to walk with God as King of Israel.

If we want to have a perspective which allows us to see God we must develop a similar history. We begin by daily seeking His presence. It could mean getting up a little earlier or perhaps staying up a little later. We must call on Him in prayer and listen for Him through reading His word. We must do what we can to stimulate ourselves. For instance, get up an hour and a half earlier than you must for work, make a pot of coffee and get a shower. Find a place that is private and helpful for quiet meditation. Find a reading plan that helps you make Bible reading consistent. Be flexible. Try new methods as needed. Everyone is different. Whatever it takes, get alone with God. Make the effort without giving up and soon your perspective will change.  You will find yourself thinking of God and His glory throughout the day. The Spirit will develop deep convictions in your heart. This conviction is what causes us to live differently. It causes us to seek the things which are above.

Join with us and seek Him the with all your heart. He promises to be found when we seek Him in this way.

Page 1 2 3 4 5   Entries 1-5 of 25