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July 1, 2014, 10:01 AM



Okay maybe the title implies that I have been hanging around the kids too much!  But actually it is a significant truth that I learned after a series of presentations when I felt empty, exhausted, and fruitless.  I couldn't shake the feeling or thoughts of discouragement!
I had to first ask myself the question if I had done my homework in preparation.  Knowing that I had prepared and presented to the best of my ability I now knew that I was powerless to make any changes in the results.  It was then that it dawned on me that it was now God's turn to do the work!  For only after it was out of my hands/mouth could God have a chance to give increase to my measly efforts!  So I began to both pray and rejoice for God to give increase to His Word!  The feelings of discouragement left immediately!  Suddenly my mind was flooded with illustrations of how God works after our investment.
It is much like after the stroke for a batter or golfer.  It would seem that after contact with the ball is over what we do with our position would matter little.  But every professional knows is it the follow through that separates the men from the boys!  This is a significant truth in training a horse.  When pressure is applied to the bit and a horse responds by lowering his head, it is extremely important for me to immediately drop the reins.  Ironically the horse's head will follow the rein to an even lower more relaxed position.
While it is in our power both to plant and water a seed it is really only when it is out of our hands that God gets the chance to do His work!  It was after Jesus prayed and fed the crowd that the increase became evident to all.  So what is the point I'm making?  When we face something very challenging it is easy to recognize the need for prayer, but what about after the event?  I am beginning to think that this may be the most critical time for prayer!
Now is the time for the GERMINATOR TERMINATOR!  The next time you prepare for a significant event, commit to pray BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER!  After all the Enemy also seeks to steal the seed after it is sown!  And Jesus was teaching them a parable that WE SHOULD ALWAYS PRAY AND NEVER FAINT or LOSE HEART! (Luke 18:1)

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