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September 23, 2013, 12:11 PM

Enduring the Struggle

  1. John 6:1-7 – Jesus will lead us into situations in which He can reveal His unlimited power and resources.
  2. John 6:8-9 – It is not wrong to realize your limited resources in presenting your need before the Lord
  3. John 6:10-14 – Jesus reveals that He alone is sufficient for every need.


These three points are from a recent sermon. They are good points that are easy to understand. They are biblical points. But what about the “living it out” part? Not as easy. I have come to realize that sometimes this scenario is not played out quickly. In the narrative provided by John the scene plays out within an hour or two. In our life this scene may take days to work out. We must recognize Jesus leading us through the situation first, which sometimes takes a while. Then we must take stock of our resources. Many times we assume He will provide the resources beforehand only to find out He wants us to take a step of faith first. Frustrating. Then somewhere along the journey we get to the point where Jesus unveils His plan and provision. I don’t like this to be honest. It is sometimes a gut wrenching struggle. However, I also realize it is necessary. I understand that I have the Spirit of Christ in me causing me to long for the eternal life (eternal quality). But I also dwell in the flesh, which wants the easy life of entitlement. Between the flesh and the spirit there is a daily struggle. The scripture tells me this in Galatians 5:16-17. So by faith I accept the struggle. It means that I am a true believer with a bright future in eternity. It means that Christ is working in me to take me to the higher life that sin wants to steal from me. It means that if I keep my eyes on Jesus He will eventually reveal His unlimited resources. So hold on. Sit at Jesus feet as often as you must. Lay your limited self at His feet. And confess that He will lead you through the struggle.

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