July 2018  
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ABC Kid's 2018 - Under the Canopy: Journey Off The Map" VBS - FAQ's


"Under the Canopy: Journey Off The Map" VBS"

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When is VBS?

  • July 8th-12th from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Is there a check in process for the children?

  • Yes.  Each night we ask that someone bring the children in through the Front of the Building.  There you will find the Check In Station.  Children will receive a wrist band, and the adult dropping them off will receive a card with the assigned family number to use when picking up the children.

What other safety measures are taken for the children during VBS?

  • Every adult working with the children has had an OSBI background check.  Of course all general rules are followed such as no child alone with an adult – ever.  We have a simple first aid station available for any child, and if something serious happens, we will simply contact you.  

‚ÄčMy children are different ages, but they are new and afraid of going in separate groups.  Even if they are not the correct ages, can they stay in the same group?  Or can I stay with them?

  • If you are a guest, we will do our very best to honor the request of mixing ages.  If the mixing of ages groups becomes problematic, we will happily figure out a way to make it work for your family. 
  • All adults that will be with the children must have an OSBI background check.  Parents are welcome to sit in during the opening and closing ceremony but are only allowed to stay with the children if they have a background check. 

Do I need to feed my children before VBS?

  • Nope!  We have got that covered for you.  Each night we offer the children a free, child friendly dinner before VBS begins.

What are the dress up days?

  • Each night we have Dress Up Days to make it more fun for the children.  This year the days are as follows:
    • Sunday – Crazy Hat / Hair 

    • Monday - Mismatch

    • Tuesday - Team Color

    • Wednesday -  Animal NIght

    • Thursday-  VBS Shirt